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The Amazons

Storyline The Amazons

lena Johnston is Antione, the War Goddess of the Amazons, who must mate with the Greek king Theseus to propogate her race. Traditionally this is done only out of duty, but this time she falls in love with her "boy toy"... a definite no-no for an Amazon queen. Helmed by James Bond director Terence Young and based on a story co-authored by Robert Graves, this sexy and spectacular entry in the sword-and-sandal genre features an incredible bevy of Euro-cult starlets including Rosanna Yanni, Helga Line and Luciana Paluzzi, plus a lyrical score by Academy Award-winner Riz Ortolani.

Women Warriors as Sensuous as they are Savage. Women Rulers as Passionate as they are Powerful.

The Amazons

Movie details The Amazons

Release : 1973-12-15

Genre : Action, Adventure

Runtime : 100

Company : Films Montana, Les Films de la Boétie, Monteluce Film

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